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              The people of Bangtai Company are not cold when they leave the tea

              Update time:2010.02.28       Views:118

              Retired, the chuckle of the cutting material, the bang of the hammer, the welding electric spark, the smell of the wet paint on the film blowing frame... the company that was once familiar, the familiar partner, the familiar sensuality and taste , And the passing years, such as the passing tide of the east will never go back. Will anyone still remember these old employees who loved the company like caring dolls? Are there still people who occasionally think of those old faces after a meal? Is there anyone thinking about their well-being?
              Chen Nianrong, who is nearly old, worked as a warehouse manager for the company for ten years. After retiring, he has been living in other places. He recently returned to his hometown in Jiangxi and received a call like this: "Is it Mr. Chen? I’m Haiyan from Bangtai Company. , Happy new year! How is your health?" At the beginning of the new year, Chen Nianrong, who had been retired for eight years, received a condolence call from his original unit. He was surprised and curious, and hurriedly replied: "My health is okay. How do you know me? Phone number?" Chen Haiyan, the director of the office, failed to inquire about his contact information over the past two years, until another retired employee learned that he had just returned to his hometown and told him that day. I asked for a bank account. This year, Chen Nianrong has received one thousand yuan of condolence money from Bangtai Company. Similarly, Wang Xiumei and Li Tingyi, who have retired and lived in Haikou, Hainan for many years, also received 3,000 yuan in condolences...
              Retired employees, no matter which position they have served in, or have served the company for too many years, they are all life individuals who have grown up with the company. They are the solid cornerstone of the company's development to today. They are a glimpse of the company's development and the most precious of the company. wealth. Since 2007, Bangtai has set up special funds for retired employees to provide condolences and subsidies. It aims to express the memory and gratitude of every retired employee who has worked hard for the development of the company, and hopes to stimulate the sense of belonging, identity and cohesion of the employees in this way.
              "Tea cools when people walk", this is a natural law and a common social phenomenon. But for the retired Bontai people, the company will always remember their contributions, thank them for their contributions, and warm up the pot of tea for them.

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