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              Bangtai employees participated in the tug-of-war activity of "Celebrating "May 1st" and Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party"

              Update time:2020.04.20       Views:120

              On April 21, the Anyang Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions held a tug-of-war competition of "Celebrating the "May 1st" and Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party. 36 teams and more than 500 athletes from the neighborhoods, villages (residentials), enterprises, and government agencies participated. Our company also selected team members to actively participate in this event.
              At 9 o'clock in the morning, the Ruian Gymnasium shouted and cheered one after another. Fierce tug-of-war matches are being staged intensely.
              The men's team Zhejiang Bangtai vs. Zhejiang Dongrui team. After standing in their respective positions, look at each of the opponent's players, who are tall and strong, and they have really made the players sweat. "Beep--" As soon as the whistle sounded, the red ribbon on the rope moved in the direction of the opponent little by little, without turning back. The Dongrui team, who won one game first, took advantage of the momentum and easily won the second game. Two consecutive defeats prevented the men's team from reaching the finals.
              The men's team stopped the road to the finals, all hopes are pinned on the women's team. According to the rules of the game, each team shall have one reserve player in addition to the ten players officially playing. Because the company belongs to the machinery industry, the number of female employees is small, and it coincides with the Canton Fair just over, individual sales staff are busy with business, and the company has a total of ten female players on the field. Everyone is a full-fledged team member, and everyone is full of energy and fighting spirit. The huge gymnasium, 36 teams, more than 500 players, only ten members of our women’s team practiced on the side, how to hold the rope, how to squat, whether the feet are pressed or crossed, who stands in front and who stands behind...
              When the girls in the office met the nurses in the hospital, what was staged was a rally race. The red ribbon on the rope, like a butterfly among flowers, danced from left to right, and on both sides of the rope were red stripes. , The face of vowing not to give up. After a long stalemate, we still lost the first game. The crowd of onlookers pointed to our team and said, "This is a comparison of rabbits and cows!"
              In the second game, the girls used all their strength and pulled back a game dramatically. In the third game, the girls who originally wanted to win the chase fell to the ground one by one due to lack of physical strength. But everyone is tired, painful, and happy, because they have worked hard and persisted...

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