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              DFCY-4-5-6Automatic Syphon Making Machine


              Main Technical Variables:


              Mode DFCY-4 DFCY-5 DFCY-6
              Driving Moto 1.5Kw(Inverter Control) 1.5Kw(Inverter Control) 1.5Kw(Inverter Control)
              Processing Speed 200-300Pcs/min 200-300Pcs/min 200-300Pcs/min
              Inside Diameter ¢3.8mm ¢4.8mm ¢5.8mm
              Length Of Straight Straw 165-245mm 200-260mm 200-260mm
              Length of Flexible Straw 150-230mm 185-245mm 185-245mm
              Straw Wall Thickness 0.2±0.02mm 0.15±0.02mm 0.15±0.02mm
              Top Section Length 30-50mm( Adjustable) 30-50mm(Adjustable) 30-50mm( Adjustable)
              Length of flex. Part 8-11mm( Adjustable) 8-11mm( Adjustable) 8-11mm( Adjustable)
              Dimension (LxWxH) 1500x1800x1600mm 1500x1800x1600mm 1500x1800x1600mm
              Weight 1.0t 1.0t 1.0t

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