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              Home-Product-Slitting machine

              ZTM-D Series Computer Controlled High Speed Slitting Machine(Four Motors)

              The machine applies to cellophane, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC and computer security labels, electronic computers, optical materials, film roll, foil roll, all kinds of paper rolls, film and printing of various materials to slitting.
              1, Unwinding unit: it adopt non-axial Air pressure and get way with Air Chuck, who is caught taking raw materials fast, easy loading, single-person operation.
              EPC (Edge position control) use imported LPC corrective device, it can achieve guide function by material edge as well as printed mark.
              Unwinding tension through an independent vector variable frequency electrical parameters of the original pre-computing to achieve a constant tension.
              2, Slitting Unit: This machine equipped with two kinds of slitting method: Flat knife slit and circular knife slit
              3, winding Unit: It use of three motor winding way, rewinding shaft is import slip –shaft that ‘s pressure in center by pneumatic ; With automatic tension compensation system, so that rewinding tension is steady ,don’t adjust tension in accordance with the speed and diameter increases.
              4, winding sticks pressure unit : The machine is equipped with two sets of pneumatic pressure automatic lifting sticks, tension automatic control by computer.
              5, waste edge processing section: This model is equipped with a vacuum-type waste edge exclusion system, use the strong force adsorb the waste edge out away   

              6, Electrostatic elimination Unit: The machine equipped a group of static brush apart on up and down rewinding shaft , which can effectively eliminate the static between slitting and rewinding .

              7, Finished Produce unloading Unit :
              It is a discharge rack can provide a larger diameter of the finished product is simple and efficient to operate and save time for the next feed.
              8, PLC control system: Adopt imported PLC to achieve accurate and stable control, true color touch screen display to enable simple and beautiful images. Interactive parameter setting the environment, eliminating the complicated configuration can start the job: The user pre-start only need to input the material thickness, width, density, diameter and speed parameters, the next will be done automatically by a computer calculation to complete.

              Optional: 1, discharge hydraulic lift structure
                2, static elimination brush
                3, servo motors
                4, laser tube function on paper

              Main technical parameter :

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